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" Tailoring Projects to Your Preferences "

Success Crafted Engagement Models for Your Development Need!

  • Transparent Budgeting
  • Proactive Risk Management
  • Continuous Enhancement
  • Seamless Team Collaboration
  • Expedited Project Delivery
  • Timely Schedule Oversight
  • Flexibility in Scope
  • Scalable Resource Allocation
Select your Full-Stack Package

Fixed Cost Model

Time & Material Model


Dedicated Team Model

"Customizing the Solution to Your Development Needs”

Explore our range of 4 well-crafted engagement models, each meticulously designed to cater to your diverse project requirements and preferences.

Whether you prefer fixed prices or flexible time-based structures, our engagement models guarantee customized solutions and support successful collaboration on your projects.

Fixed Cost Model

The Fixed Cost Model entails a predetermined project scope, timeline, and cost. It is most suitable for projects with well-defined and stable requirements. This model provides a clear structure, ensuring predictability and streamlined management throughout the project lifecycle.


  • Predictable Budgeting
  • Clear Scope Definition
  • Reduced Financial Risk
  • Straightforward Project Management
  • Well-suited for Small to Medium-sized Projects

Why Choose

  • Perfect for projects with a fixed scope and clear objectives.
  • Offers cost certainty from the outset.
  • Minimises financial surprises during project execution.
  • Well-defined milestones for project tracking.

Time & Material Model

In the Time & Material Model, clients are billed based on the actual time and resources invested. This model is particularly apt for projects characterized by evolving requirements or uncertain scopes that may undergo changes over time. It offers adaptability and transparency, aligning seamlessly with dynamic project needs.


  • Flexibility for Changing Requirements
  • Adaptable to Evolving Projects
  • Transparency in Billing
  • Ideal for Complex, Dynamic Projects
  • Detailed Progress Tracking

Why Choose

  • Offers flexibility for projects with changing requirements.
  • Allows for continuous adaptation to project needs.
  • Transparent billing based on actual effort and resources.
  • Suitable for long-term, evolving projects.

Hourly Basis

Clients are billed based on the number of hours worked. This model provides flexibility for short-term or specific tasks.


  • Pay for Actual Work Done
  • Cost-Efficient for Small Tasks
  • Quick Project Kick-off
  • Ideal for Short-term Projects
  • Easy to Monitor Progress

Why Choose

  • Efficient for tasks with a clear scope and short duration.
  • Cost-effective for small-scale projects or specific tasks.
  • Allows for quick project initiation and completion.
  • Easy to monitor and manage based on hourly rates.

Dedicated Team Model

A dedicated team is assigned to work exclusively on the client's project. Offers flexibility and control over the development process.


  • Full Control and Flexibility
  • Scalability of Resources
  • In-depth Project Involvement
  • Team Stability
  • Long-term Collaboration

Why Choose

  • Ensures full control and direct involvement in the project.
  • Allows for scaling the team based on project needs.
  • Team stability promotes a deep understanding of the project.
  • Ideal for long-term projects with evolving requirements.

Unlock a Competitive Edge with Our Developer Team

Elevate your projects with our dedicated developers, adding substantial value to your endeavours. Our developers seamlessly integrate their collaborative spirit into your team, contributing expertise, dependability, and accelerated project success.

Monitor the Process Effectively with Transparency.

Exercise complete control over the team.

Enhance your team with a diverse selection of adaptable engagement models

Achieve cost savings through budget-friendly solutions.

Access a vast pool of global talent.

Access specialised skills with expertise of industry exposure.


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