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"Excellence is our benchmark. We have cultivated a team imbibed with a spirit of innovation and a winner's mindset."

Over the past decade, Golden Eagle has emerged as a pioneering technology firm, offering cutting-edge software development services to startups, SMEs, and large enterprises worldwide.

We pride ourselves on our team's collaborative spirit, ensuring that we always deliver beyond expectations. Through unparalleled teamwork and expertise, we've built an extensive portfolio, partnering with leading brands across 20 countries.

Our ethos is shaped by a unique blend of ideas and values. We prioritize every stakeholder - from our talented team and partners to our esteemed clients and the broader community.

Driven by our motto - "Your success is our dream!"

With gratitude,

Chandan Kumar

Co-founder, Golden Eagle IT Technologies

"Innovation in IT is more than just enhancing processes; it's the linchpin of business success."

With 12 years of deep technological experience and having played pivotal roles at giants like TCS and AWS, I bring forth expertise in AI/ML and generative AI. At Golden Eagle, our strength lies in our exceptional team, a blend of seasoned professionals with diverse experiences. We thrive on our adaptability to modern innovations, always putting our esteemed clients at the forefront.

Should you wish to leverage our expertise, let us know. We're eager to serve as your technology partner, crafting innovative solutions that not only streamline operations but also propel your business toward success.

For any queries about our offerings, our team is just a call or message away. We believe in forging strong relationships and would be delighted to host you at our office, fostering a deeper mutual understanding.

Warm Regards,

Yogesh Dwivedi

Co-founder & Tech Visionary, Golden Eagle IT Technologies

"Innovative IT solutions not only streamline processes but are key drivers for business success."

Golden Eagle boasts a family-like team, rich in varied domain expertise and technology prowess. I bring to the table two decades of in-depth experience as an inspector with leading home inspection firms. This journey led me to create a specialized inspection application and eventually found, dedicated to elevating the standards of home inspections.

Your aspirations drive us. Let us know how we can assist, and together, we'll craft solutions that not only enhance operational efficiency but also significantly contribute to your business's growth trajectory.

We are always available to answer any questions regarding our services. Whether it's a call, a meeting, or an invitation to our office, we're eager to forge a stronger connection with you and your vision.

Warm Regards,


Director of Client Relationships & Home Inspection Specialist