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A unified vineyard management platform. A fully integrated suite of innovative products like yield estimation, smart irrigation & disease predictions. Self-improving AI model for reliability & accuracy. Leverage the power of machine intelligence, historical and current data to get an accurate estimation of yield. Get yield prediction with 85% accuracy. Efficient deployment for water & fertiliser to reduce cost. Advanced automated irrigation solution to minimise use of water, optimise yield and improve fruit quality. Optimise water usage by up to 50%. Fungal & Bacterial disease forecast models for risk mitigation. Accurate & reliable forecasting to keep you one step ahead of disease outbreaks, whether it is powdery mildew or botrytis. Reduce crop loss by up to 10%. Nutrient Deficiency Early detection ML model to reduce impact on growth & yield. Identify exact locations of grapevines being affected by macro and micro nutrient deficiencies resulting in loss of yield. Daily weather forecast for planning. Accurate micro weather forecast to help you prepare for oncoming events & make the right decisions. API integration to monitor microclimatic conditions, growth & health of crop. API integration to monitor microclimatic conditions, growth & health of crop. Vineyard resource management with smart work orders. An efficient way to manage & track day to day tasks and maintain accurate records of work done. Data access and visibility to power data driven viticulture. Near real time visibility of data from satellite, drones, weather stations & ground based sensors