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  • Technologies: Python, Django, Postgres, Celery,
  • Industry: Organic Agriculture
  • Category: Web Application Agriculture
  • Project Year: 2021

How It Works

Krushicert, with its global presence, offers comprehensive and efficient services to help your organization grow. Mission krushicert is a team passionate about organic agriculture that wants to help india’s farmers have a better product and better yields by providing seed treatment that utilizes our 100% organic product, plant krishikaran. By using certified fertilizers and cutting-edge technology, you will ensure your harvest is completely organic. These services include audit and high-quality inspection on your organization, issue of organic certificate, traceability support, and verification services. krushicert integrates the national organic program (NOP) regulations into our organic certification program, meaning that everything we do helps farmers and handlers produce food the right way. by doing so, we uphold the integrity of organic standards and products and serve our farming community.